Our services are customized

Reporting packages

We offer the package which suits your particular requirements.

Our bronze package is highly efficient at solving problems. It already achieves the standard of top investors.

Our silver package is the perfect in-between offer. It is good value while providing an extensive range of services.

Our gold package fulfills all the criteria of top reporting.

Consulting services

Do your processes of investment reporting bear scrutiny? Our qualified experts give you specialist advice.


Are you interested in the latest developments in investment reporting? Would you like to learn more about the basics of investment reporting? Come to one of our seminars.

Our regular seminars are held in German. For English seminars please contact us.

Examples of services

Reporting for a large pension fund

A large pension fund produces their own investment reports. Month after month they consolidate all their investments with four custodians. In order to improve efficiency and to comply with business practices they entrust Apex Reporting Services with their monthly reports. The investment committee appreciates our professional competence, our independence and our prices.

Consulting services for a Single Familiy Office

After years of growth the investment reporting of a Single Family Office does no longer fulfill the requirements of reporting practices geared to decision-making. In order to improve the validity of their reports, they entrust Apex Reporting Services with an as-is analysis. The CEO of the Single Family Office appreciates that he finds new solutions to defining and presenting investment reports. He also values our full commitment to best practice in investment reporting.

Seminars on investment reporting

Seminars on investment reporting are hard to find. A staff member of an independent wealth management company seeks opportunities for training in specific subject areas. He appreciates the Apex Reporting Services Seminars, because they show growing trends in comprehensive and customized investment reporting. The practical case studies we go into are based on our longstanding experience in investment reporting and also in other areas of wealth management.

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